About Antonios Antoniou

antonios-antoniouA business executive with a history in academics, Antonios Antoniou has developed expertise in the field of financial economics. Moreover, Antonios Antoniou’s careful assessments of changing global markets have established him as an authority on investments, risk management and securities products, including derivatives.

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Financial Research, Training & Consulting, LLP, Antonios Antoniou provides such services as economic research, investment advice, executive training, and consulting. Among the clients of Antonios Antoniou are real estate firms, independent oil and drilling companies, hedge funds, and money management businesses. Because of the CEO’s history as a Professor and university administrator, the executive training courses offered by Financial Research, Training & Consulting take into account effective learning techniques. Antonios Antoniou’s firm offers classes in public finance, risk management, investments and portfolio management, and derivatives.

Prior to founding the firm in 2008, Antonios Antoniou enjoyed a long career as an academician. Having served as a Lecturer and Professor at such institutions as Brunel University and Durham University, Antonios Antoniou most recently served as the Dean of the business school at Durham University. Is this capacity he has led the successful development of the School. As Dean, Antonios Antoniou merged three academic units that had previously operated independently to form Durham Business School. During his academic career Antonios Antoniou successfully supervised more than 43 doctoral students

Because of his research publications and knowledge of the global markets, Antonios Antoniou was appointed as a Visiting Professor at two Chinese academic institutions, Fudan University and Remnin University. In addition, Antonios Antoniou was named an Honorary Visiting Professor at SINERGIA School of Economics and Finance in Moscow, Russia.


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