Leaders Are More Likely than Managers to Establish New Principles

Dr. Antonios (Tony) Antoniou has worked as CEO at Finance, Research, Training and Consulting (FRT-C) and Wealth Associates. Dr. Antonios Antoniou has several academic degrees in the study of economics, including a PhD in applied economics.

Leadership vs Management pic
Leadership vs Management
Image: linkedin.com

An issue that influences the success of today’s businesses, and by extension economies, is defining leadership as opposed to management. The most significant difference between leaders and managers can perhaps be summed up in the examination of how each motivates those they lead. Leaders tend to make new goals for their teams, while managers usually conform to existing standards.

A common trait among leaders is the ability to inspire and influence others to contribute to a common goal of success. Managers, on the other hand, are more apt to focus on the output of work, which centers on coordinating employees and resources to accomplish set tasks.

Leaders are more likely to influence employees with a set of principles, while managers tend to gravitate toward the enforcement of policies. Leaders also are more apt to instigate change in an organization, and managers usually try to simply contain the possibility of risk.


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